Hilco AW 20/21

Seven autumnal textile designs for Hilco – a wholesale company for fashion fabrics, which attaches great importance to good quality and sustainability in the procurement of the fabrics.

Primus Pattern adds seven fashionable patterns to Hilco’s extensive Fall Winter Collection 2020/21. From February 2020 in presale for retail, from September 2020 in the delivery.

Striped Hexagon ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M2356/122

Sewing pattern of & sewn by Magdalena – StüveBerlin

Colorful Brush ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M2356/30

Sewing pattern of Burda Style ❭ Sewn by Ilka

Cross Stitch ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M8538/42

Sewing pattern of SewHouse7 ❭ Sewn by Claudia

Red Poppies ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M2356/97

Sewing pattern of Konfetti Patterns ❭ Sewn by Franzi – Frau Büntze

Colorful Brush ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M2356/70

Sewing pattern of Brigitte ❭ Sewn by Lisa

Striped Hexagon ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M6718/23

Sewing pattern of MiniNähte ❭ Sewn by Marion

Vintage Chevron ❭ AW 20/21 ❭ M6717/93

Sewing pattern of “Näh dir dein Kleid” ❭ Sewn by Sylvia

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